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Great Lakes Central Railroad Michigan Railroad
Great Lakes Central Railroad delivers the following freight service benefits:
  • Less highway wear and tear, resulting in lower state and federal maintenance costs
  • Each railcar removes three trucks from the highway system, alleviating traffic
  • Trains move one ton of freight approximately 475 miles on only one gallon of fuel
  • Provide safe and comfortable travel for passengers and freight

Great Lakes Central Railroad integrated transportation includes:

  • Well maintained track
  • Experienced people
  • Locomotive and railcar maintenance facilities
  • GLC owned railcars
  • Technology


Great Lakes Central Railroad will be participating in a commuter rail service from Howell to Ann Arbor, offering the following benefits:

  • Alleviate road traffic and parking congestion
  • Mitigate automobile fuel and maintenance costs
  • Minimize the daily personal stress of traffic grid lock
  • Allocate more free land space resulting from less parking requirements
  • Protect the environment by reducing air pollution
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