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Great Lakes Central Rail proves that transportation integration works for everyone's benefit by providing transportation solutions with:
  • Rail served shippers and receivers
  • Rail to truck via transload (in-bound to Michigan industrial base)
  • Truck to rail via transload (out-bound to customers all over the world

We also have the power to haul the heaviest loads with well-maintained diesel locomotives that meet all current AAR/FRA standards.

GLC has quality track and bridges, rated for 286,000 lb. carloads with:

  • 65% Class III, 40 mph speed limit Freight, 59 mph speed limit Passenger
  • 26% Class II, 25 mph speed limit Freight, 30 mph speed limit Passenger
  • 6% Class I, 10 mph speed limit Freight, 15 mph speed limit Passenger
  • 3% Excepted track rated
  • Strong maitnenance of way standards

GLC takes its job as custodian of State owned rail assets seriously by adding additional rail facilities and truck coordinated transportation, including transload facilities in Owosso, Cadillac, South Boardman, and Clare. Two Ethanol Plants are also planned on line. All of these facilities add to Michigan's industrial base by providing statewide infrastructure growth.

GLC Freight Facts

  • Average line haul - 220 miles
  • Average tonnage per load - 100 tons
  • Current annual shipments - 14,000
  • Total gross ton miles of freight hauled over 350,000,000 annually

GLC has a loyal customer base!  To name a few…

  • Dynamic Drilling - Clay
  • Brown Milling - Grain Products
  • Rhe-Tec, Inc. - Plastics & Glycol
  • ABC Coke - Coke
  • The Andersons
  • MAC - Grain Products
  • Agro-Culture & Liquid Fertilizer
  • East Jordan Plastics
  • Heritage Grain - Grain Products
  • Falmouth Co-op - Grain
  • Highland Plastics
  • Howes & Howes - Sand
  • Petoskey Plastics - Plastic Pellets
  • Hydrolake – Utility Poles
  • Terra International - Fertilizer Products
  • Northern Dry Bulk - Plastic
  • Delta Truss - Lumber Products
  • Renosol – Liquid Chemicals
  • North Pacific Lumber
  • Wexford Sand - Sand
  • Letherer Truss - Trusses
  • Superior Fertilizer - Fertilizer Products
  • Tonowanda Coke
  • Magnum Solvent - Chemicals
  • Quality Energy
  • Merit Energy
  • Viking Energy
ARM Machine

ARM Machine

Rail Car in Shop

Rail Car in Shop

Poly Pavilion - Secure Fenced Transload Facility

Poly Pavilion - Secure
Fenced Transload Facility

23 Railcar Facility -  Well Lit and Clean

23 Railcar Facility -
Well Lit and Clean

Coke Transload Station in North Yard - Cadillac

Coke Transload Station
in North Yard - Cadillac

Auburn Bean - Oakley

Auburn Bean - Oakley

connecting Michigan
  • Canadian National and Huron Eastern Railroads at Durand, Michigan

  • CSXT Railroad at Anne Pere in Howell, Michigan

  • Norfolk Southern Railroad via Ann Arbor Railroad at Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Mid-Michigan Railroad at Alma, Michigan
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