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Future Passenger and Commuter Rail Expansion

Great Lakes Central Railroad is dedicated to supporting community goals for transportation efficiencies with forward thinking. GLC is currently developing a round-trip passenger train between Ann Arbor and Traverse City that will be an extraordinary experience. Also in the works are four daily round-trip commuter trains between Howell and Ann Arbor.

These future passenger and commuter rail expansions will help support communities in many ways. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 1999 Transit Fact Book, public transportation and rail transit have the following advantages:

  • Public transportation use in America avoids the emission of:
    • Over 126 million pounds of hydrocarbons, a primary cause of smog
    • 156 million pounds of nitrogen oxides. Emission reductions reduce respiratory disease, acid rain and associated health costs and economic loss (FTA, 1996)
  • Public transportation reduces auto fuel consumption by approximately 1.5 billion gallons annually, lowering the nation’s trade deficit and reducing dependence on foreign oil (FTA, 1996)
  • The fuel efficiency of a fully occupied rail car is 15 times greater than the average commuter single-occupant auto
  • A 10% increase in public transportation ridership in the five largest U.S. cities would save 85 million gallons of gasoline per year
  • Congestion costs American drivers 3.6 billion hours of travel delay and 5.7 billion gallons of wasted fuel every year1
  • Michigan consumed over 6 billion gallons of fuel for highway and non-highway use in 20042

1 MSNBC, “Congress Approves $286 Billion Highway Bill”, July 29, 2005.
2 Department of Transportation,

connecting Michigan
  • Canadian National and Huron Eastern Railroads at Durand, Michigan

  • CSXT Railroad at Anne Pere in Howell, Michigan

  • Norfolk Southern Railroad via Ann Arbor Railroad at Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Mid-Michigan Railroad at Alma, Michigan
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